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GracyWoods Park

I decided to do GracyWoods Park for my first Austin playground.

This park is very meaningful to me as I helped fundraise for a new structure for 3 years...and luckily it just took that long. Originally it was old and coming apart. Kids were tripping over the torn rubber. A kid even tripped over it when the city came to inspect it, and landed face first. THAT is how you get funding, my friend. There was so many people who helped get this playground going, but the top lady was Frannie Sanchez. I'm positive we wouldn't have an amazing new playground without her. I learned so many lessons with city meetings, but the most meaningful of all is a hammer actually costs $100.

My own favorite memory is picking Pecans off the ground from all the Pecan trees that surround the park. I even brought them to a local pecan sheller at a retirement home. They have pecan shelling machines from the 1920s! He laughed and said it was a waste as the Native pecans are too small to de-shell by machine. So it makes an excellent activity for kids and hammers in the backyard.

Please comment if you have a favorite memory of GracyWoods Park. I'd love to hear it.


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