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So excited for you to fall in love with 

Jesus Trejo's hilarious storytelling, and I had so much fun collaborating with the awesome team at Minerva.  

PapasWaterJug_JKT_vs4FCLOCK copy.jpg

This is the first book I illustrated! 

Very excited to share my scribbles. 

As I had so much fun working with Clint McElroy, and the wonderful team at First Second/Macmillan.  


Fun Goldie Printables! 

how-to-draw-Cat_ElizaKinkz button.jpg

How to Draw a 
Fancy Cat

how-to-draw-Gramps_ElizaKinkz button.jpg

How to Draw Gramps

how-to-draw-Goldie_ElizaKinkz button.jpg

How to Draw  Goldie


Make your
own GUIDE for your favorite Grown-Up
or Friend!

Make-Your-Own-Card_ElizaKinkz button.jpg

Make a Space Adventure about your favorite Grown-Up 
or Friend!

Any of my printables are available for free download for Educational, Bookstore promotion, or private settings. They may not be used for other purposes (such as for profit) unless permission is granted, and  864 muffins are delivered to my doorstep.

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