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Mezes Park

My first son and I would walk from our tiny cottage in Redwood City, grab Donuts from a tasty Bolivian shop that did Saltenas as well, and meet friends at Mezes Park. Was always low key there on weekday mornings. Like our own private oasis for a few hours. Until the fighting would begin over the lone Bouncy horse.... It also had a See-Saw that hardly worked...actually do see-saws work any more? I feel like every park I go to they barely bounce back n' forth. Another favorite here was the small kids area which was so playful in design, with mushrooms and some very abstract play pieces by Kompan. Perfect for our gaggle of 1 year olds. On special Fridays we'd even have mochas from a local coffee shop. I think this park makes my heart swoon just for having special memories with good friends there.

Please comment if you have a favorite memory of Mezes Park. I'd love to hear it.


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