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Beverly S. Sheffield Northwest District Park

This park's name is such a mouthful that most people I know call it Northwest Park.

Originally, I assumed it was named after a woman, and was picturing Leslie Knope after I learned the person was director of the Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) for twenty-seven years. But Beverly was actually a man, and an amazing protector of the parks in Austin. He worked with environmental groups to control development, and preserve water quality in Austin, and he was a regular swimmer at Barton Springs Pool.

This park is pretty amazing for it's shade, multiple picnic areas, and long sidewalks where you can practice bike riding/scootering. There's a summer pool nearby, which we have yet to visit as we always forget to bring cash to get in.

I have two really favorite memories here. The first is my older son's Birthday party where we had DIY robot costumes, but man was it cold. He has a March Birthday and we've been cursed with cold weather each time we attempt a playground.

My other favorite memory is another Mom commenting there that my son's names sound like an old Vaudeville Team.

Then I made the joke "What's with all the Women's Suffrage these days...more like Men sufferin'..har har ha-CHA!"


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