My name is Eliza Kinkz, and I'm a Tejana Author-Illustrator living in Austin with a kind husband, and two sweet sons.  One kid wants to be an Astronaut Detective, and the other wants to be an Owl.   

When did you know you wanted to make Children's Books?

In Kindergarten, we did an activity in weekly rotations where we made books. 

I loved it!!!  

So I lied that I didn't do it... so I could do it again the next day! 

Unfortunately, my Teacher caught me on the third lie, and said I couldn't make any more books. 

Took me only 20 years to be

"Heyyyyy wait a minute...I can still make books!"

Were your parents Artists?

On my mothers side, my grandfather wanted to be an Artist, and my Mother was an amazing Artist.  Both decided it was not a good profession to raise a family with.  

On my father's side, he comes from a long line of people who do not like to be told they can't do something.  Like when he was told he shouldn't go to college as no one would hire a Mexican.  

So I'm a combination of talent, determination, and privilege that all my hard working family provided me.  

Where did you go to school? 

CCAD and UCLA's Animation Workshop.  My thesis film at UCLA  “Chocolate Milk” was a finalist for the Student Academy Awards.  

Where have you worked?  

On television shows like "Making Fiends" created by the amazing Amy Winfrey , and Robot Chicken.   Music videos for Bands like Death Cab for Cutie, and my favorite Texas band Yo Fishboy

I've taught Animation. 

One time I was even a Cheesemonger. 

At the moment, I'm illustrating, and writing children's books/comics when I'm not taking care of my 2 young sons.  

What is "A Collection of Play"?

When  my first son was born, I begin to hang out at Playgrounds...  

I started to there an archive of Playgrounds?  

Play is so important to how children learn, so Playgrounds are in reality the first classrooms for many children.  They bring out the local community, forcing people to interact, and be present in Nature.  

So I've been slowly starting to draw playgrounds we visit.     

Tell me about your favorite Playground,

and I’ll add your playground to my list to draw.


Who inspires you?
I'm very fortunate to be part of a group of local Women Illustrators here in Austin called The Girllustrators.  They constantly inspire me, and have brought me out of my shell as an Artist. 

My husband Phi who immigrated from Vietnam as a child, and has become an amazing Artist in his own right!  

My other big inspiration is my kids.  I'm always jealous when I see their drawings.  Especially scribble-scrabble!

Who is your spirit animal?

James Marshall's Martha

Can I pleasssseeee post your comic on my website/Twitter/etc?

If you're not using the comic for commercial purposes, you don't have to ask permission.  Just please don't take my name off/edit comics, and a link back to my website/instagram/etc to give me credit would be awesome as well!  Thanks!!  

Can you pleasssseeee illustrate my self-published Picture Book?

I'm so flattered of you to think of me, but currently I'm only taking on projects from Publishers.  As my other spare time is spent working on my own projects.  If only I had 4 hands...

(shakes fist at sky) 


Happily reading to my kids at 7:30am while on vacation.  Just soooo happy...especially with no coffee yet.