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Boom-Boom has descended upon us!

So the last 2 months have been a whirlpool of baby gurgles as the Big Boom happened! That's right, I gave birth to a 7pound wiggly lil' boob goblin named Thurgood (also known as Goodie to friends or Cookie bakers) Surprise of surprises, I have not had much time to do anything but enjoy this tiny man and watch him with wonder as he hiccups!

But now things are beginning to return to normalcy, especially since I got 5 straight hours of sleep. (insert dreamy Sighhhh here) I've actually been working on my first book in my spare minutes.... I have so many ideas for books that I've been collecting in my sketchbook during that 4am feeding!! I hope to release one book a month. I know, I know...thats crazytown! But, these books will not be super-dancy-fancy illustrated, as I hardly have time to open a can of tuna fish some days. They will just be fun doodles and hopefully a good tiny story. Will post an image soon of my first story "Mama's Belly"!

Until then, what was your first embarrassing thing you did to your kid?

Me, I dropped a piece of chocolate cake on his head at the hospital. Luckily, he had his brand new beanie on hah. But, as I told him "Welcome to the rest of your life with me as your Mama. I'll constantly drop food on your head, but I can promise it will always be tasty and I'm always happy to share."

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