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Howdy, Nice to meetcha..

Would you care for some toast n’ mulled plum jam? Some strawberry oolong tea?

Or perhaps a funny story?

Because that’s what this journal is gonna be about....

Since I discovered I was expecting a tiny person to pop out of me, my life has been a whirlwind of chocolate, pony pills, and checking amazon reviews for baby swag. And this eventually segued into what could I ACTUALLY do for my future son. I wanted to make him something. Something awesome and that would be for him specifically.

And that is how “Books 4 Boom-Boom” was born. This is a place where I’ll post books I’m making for our son Boom-Boom. I do illustrations and animations for a living. Plus I love to introduce those skills to kids in my classes as a teacher. So this is what I can offer to my son. A story with some amusing drawings to accompany it, and maybe a lesson along the way. PLUS, I’d love to offer his stories for other kids to read. That’s why I’ll put pdfs available to download to your iPads, computers or whatever smartypantz device is your fave. Or maybe you can just take advantage of some free work printing and give the kids a new book.

Additionally, there may be a comment on some Mom stuff, the occasional recipe, or random comic. Or maybe I’ll just post pics of my cat trying to eat a pita chip for 5 minutes. (Those Stacy Chips are way too hard eh?)

Well again, nice to meetcha and feel free to shoot me an email if you ever have a story request or just want to recommend a fancy ketchup.

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