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Chocolate Milk

"Chocolate Milk” is my Thesis Film for the UCLA Animation Workshop.

“Growing up in a drug treatment center in Texas, a teenage girl learns the rules of rehab and life.” The stories in my film are actually based on my own life and troubles with addiction as a teenager. (Of course names and identities have been completely changed. wheeeeee)

This is a film I have been wondering how the hell to do ever since I was around 16 years old. Took many years of hard work and schoolin’ to get this animation out of me. I’m bursting with pride over it, because as an artist, it is so hard to get what you see in your head onto paper. Getting a whole film out is even more incredible. And producing something that actually has a good story and looks good, is un-BELIEVable…..

There are so many wonderful people who have helped make this film possible…..

Some major shout-outs are to my husband, tech support and spaghetti night buddy Mr.Phi Nguyen. Without him by my side, this film would honestly have never become a reality. (Aww sooo mushy…makes my baby tooth hurts)

The amazingly talented Eric Michener of the band “Fishboy” did all the music for my film. Every time I work with Eric, I’m in utter awe of his talent in coming up with music that completely fits my animation visions. If you haven’t bought one of his albums or seen him live, you are missing out, and must fix this problem immediately!

And a huge thanks to my narrator Kat Lam! I thought I could do it myself and she SOOOOO proved me wrong with her awesome acting bringing my script to life. Hope to have a zillion more pizza bbqs with you.

There are countless wonderful people to thank as well for their help. Colleagues who have given me amazing film advice, awesome teachers, supportive friends and my family who has always been there for me. There is not enough grilled cheese sandwiches in the world to say Thanks to you, but I will try to make many for you during my life time….

2012 Awards

  • Student Academy Awards National Finalist

  • Wallabout Film Festival “Grand Jury Award”

  • The Light Factory Filmmakers’ Showcase “Best in Show”

  • USA Film Festival Finalist

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