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uh..... Hey I'm Eliza.

I was just about to eat my sandwich.'re staying huh? 
Well, anyway I draw funny stuff.

Maybe just go sign up for my newsletter at the bottom 
of this very impressive website!

Or look at the awesome childrens illustrations below...
so I can go back to eating my sandwich. 

Goldie's Guide to Grandchilding
Ding Dong!

Oh, you're still here?
Yay, I love people watching me eat my favorite sandwich.

So how did you like the most delightful, breath-taking

Children's Book Illustration?

The art right above me!!!

Since, you insist on hanging out, there is an inspiring

Comic Book below that I'm sure you will enjoy more than being an apparent sandwich-ologist.  

GhostHorse Book Cover
GhostHorse Page 1

Oh come on! I
interrupt your important sandwich eating time?

What? I did not steal YOUR sandwich!!

Sigh...if you are this bored to make krazy accusations,
then just click below to see some of my recent BOOKS
that you can purchase to take your mind off sandwiches. 


Papa's Magica Water-Jug Clock
Goldie's Guide to Grandchilding

Listen, this is definitely not your sandwich!

If you are this obsessed with me,
(and definitely not my san
then you might as well just sign up for my Newsletter

AND I'll even throw in a printable worth $748.99 for FREE!



Anyway read my ABOUT  page if you want to
hear more about how brilliant I am,
and how I'm definitely NOT a sandwich thief.

As I only eat healthy Vegetable Sandwiches,
never just a brownie someone cut out to fit on a sandwich...


hahaha NEVER EVER.
(Contact me here if you have found my Brownie Sandwich!!!!)   


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